How To Block Calling Numbers On Mtn Nigeria Sim

Today, we will tell you how to block a number from calling you on MTN in every way possible and those pesky humans who do not take ‘no’ for an answer will never be able to bother you again as they can annoy you with constant calls and messages.

MTN does not offer that kind of service although, some mobile carriers allow you to block number on your SIM so that its owner cannot reach you even if you change phones. Unfortunately, MTN does not have this feature but you can learn how to block phone numbers yourself! Continue reading for detailed instructions of how to block someone on Android, ios, windows phone

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How to block someone on Android phone?

Every Android phone usually has its own way of blocking people. For example, on HTC, you can choose a number from your call history and block it by tapping it and selecting ‘Block Caller/Contact’. If you have an LG, you can find the Call Reject section in the Settings menu.

Regardless of your phone model, you can block a phone number on any Android phone. If you are using a phone that operates on Marshmallow and above (Android 6.0+), here is what you need to do:

Open your Recents (Recent calls) list.Tap on a number you want to block.Tap the Block icon.When prompted with ‘Block calls and messages from this number?’, choose OK.

If your phone is running on Lollipop or lower (up to Android 5.0), you can go to Call settings, then choose Call Rejection and then Auto Reject list. There, you can add as many numbers as you want to never hear from them again.

If you want to block a random person you do not know, perform the following steps:

Open the Phone app and choose the Recents list.Find the number you want to block and click the Information icon (the I in the corner).Scroll all the way down until you find the Block this Caller line.Block the number to never be bothered again.

If you want to block someone who is already in your Contact list, do this instead:

Open the Settings and navigate to Phone. In Phone menu, choose Call Blocking & Identification.There, you will be able to choose the number from your contact list and block it.

So easy?

If you block a person, they will not be able to call you, send you texts or FaceTime you.

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How to block a number on a Windows phone?

This would probably be the shortest instruction in this article. It is very easy to block someone on a Windows phone. You just have to go to the Phone app, choose the number you want to block, hold it down and choose Block from the options that appear.

If you somehow cannot do that, you might need to activate the blocking function first. For that, go to Settings, then choose Call+SMS Filter and switch the option to Block Calls to On. After that, you should be able to block calls without any problems.

Now if you are ever wondering ‘How to block a number from calling me?’, come back to this article and find the answer. We hope it has been helpful, and that you are no longer pestered with unwanted calls. Have a nice day!


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