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MTN mPulse is a new tariff plan for teenagers and to keep it based on teens education, the data given is a little bit tricky! Like 1.2GB for N150 but there is a secret strong string attached to it.

MTN mpulse plan works in different aspects, there is the mPulse tariff / data plan and mPulse website. But first, let’s give you all you need to know about MTN mPulse.

What is MTN mPulse plan?

MTN mPulse is an awesome plan which will propel young children, especially students to empower them and help them achieve all their aspirations. The new plan is meant for champions of the world. It includes learning, skill acquisition, excitement and rewards.


On MTN mPulse plan, students will be able to participate fully learning different courses, MTN self-acclaimed that they have all the learning equipment such as exam past questions for WAEC, JAMB, NECO etc, courses, lesson material for primary to secondary level.

They also confirmed that it has been approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and Universal Basic Education Commission.

Skill acquisition:

It will also serve as a platform, where teens and tweens will learn amazing skills as the day goes by. MTN is planning on teaching children with videos in the following categories: programmer, fashion designer, doctor, blogger, engineer, writer, lawyer, data scientist, motivational speaker.

Excitements and Rewards:

This is the fun part of the long line, students, teenagers, or tweens will be able to play games. And MTN are bringing different types of mood to the new plan, single player and multiplayer. Which means, you can enjoy some leisure time with your friends.

MTN mpulse might introduce more exciting freebies in the future but for now, teenagers available will receive rewards on their birthday! That means, registration is more important.

Download MyMTN APP and take charge of your phone account 

Parents playing game at the MTN mPulse Planet game area

MTN mPulse for Parent

  • Continuous data / airtime purchase: Parents can link their child’s numbers (which are on mPulse tariff plan) to theirs and set automatic weekly or monthly airtime and data transfers to them.

Linking your child’s number, allows you to easily transfer airtime or data to your child. All this, can be done on the Parent dashboard after the registration!

  • Online guarding: However, MTN mPulse is also offering something spectacular for parents of the students. MTN fully understands the tension and effects of the internet but they have built a tracking tool. This will allow you as a parent to control what your child is accessing on the Internet.

Note that, MTN is using Kaspersky Safe Kids, it is an app Parental Control service. Here, you can possibly stop your children or your child from accessing to certain websites and apps.

But if they should surpass their limits, by accessing the blocked websites, you as a parent will get notified. Meanwhile, you can also control your child’s device usage time, know who called and who is calling, including SMS.

Teenagers receiving instructions and illustration of how to use the new mtn mPulse

MTN mPulse Tariff plan

Joining MTN mPulse as a students or teenagers allows you to enjoy amazing tariff plans and many more.

The freebies you’ll enjoy in MTN mPulse aincludes:

  • N200 airtime birthday gift (on the day of birth)
  • Free WhatsApp for 7 days
  • Free data bonus on recharge: With N100, you’ll get 10MB and N200 will get you 20MB. With a 7days validity period of time.

How to subscribe to MTN mPulse Data Plan?

There are 2 special data plans, including an additional one, which students on mPulse tariff can buy to access the mPulse website:

  • 350MB weekly plan at N50 and send 350 to 344
  • 1.2GB monthly plan at N150 send 351 to 344
  • Dial *344# and then, select data bundle of choice from the menu.
  • From mPulse website, from the drop down menu of student dashboard, select data bundle of your choice from the list of bundles. 


What is MTN mPulse website?

According to their website, the mPulse website provides resources for primary, junior and senior secondary school students to develop their strengths and passions. It features certified preparation materials and past questions for Common Entrance, JSCE, WAEC, JAMB, Post UME, intellectual games and a wide array of skill development tutorial videos.

The access to MTN mPulse website is totally free also.

  • Visit the MTN website in your browser
  • Scroll down a bit, where you’ll see Login or Signup
  • Choose either the student Icon( I’m a Student) or the Parent Icon (I’m a Parent).
  • A pop-up will appear, then click on the “Don’t have account? Create one” and
  • Enter the information required for the registration.

    Game area

Who can join MTN mPulse website?

The website is mainly for primary, junior secondary and senior secondary school students. Parents too can also join the platform to monitor their children’s activities on the website and on the internet.

How to Join / migrate to MTN mPulse Plan

Students can join the mPulse tariff by dialing *344*1# from a new or existing MTN SIM or you can simple text mPulse to 131.

Another method to join this new plan is by downloading MyMTNApp from your phone app storage. To do that, go to tariff plan and select mPulse.

How to sign up for MTN mPulse website

Yes, both parent and children can sign up at the same time. All you have to do is to:

  • Visit the MTN website in your browser
  • Scroll down a bit, where you’ll see Login or Signup
  • Choose either the student Icon( I’m a Student) or the Parent Icon (I’m a Parent).
  • A pop-up will appear, then click on the “Don’t have account? Create one” and
  • Enter the information required for the registration.

N/B: MTN will accept one number for each category. That means you can not use a single number for both category.


I’m a student, what do I stand to gain if I join the mPulse website?

  • Certified preparation materials for Common Entrance, WAEC, NECO, JAMB and PostUME
  • Past Questions and Answers on Common Entrance, WAEC, NECO, JAMB and PostUME
  • Youtube Tutorial videos on wide variety of topics: Technology, Programming, Leadership, Vocational Skills, Entrepreneurship, Language, etc.
  • Exciting single-player and multi-player games
  • Trending music and sports videos
  • Buy mPulse data plans
  • Migrate your MTN line to mPulse tariff plan

    Nnenna and friends at the MTN mPulse launch event

How to check MTN mPulse tariff plan balance?

MTN has made it more simpler to check your balance on MTN tariff plan. Just dial *556# and it will be displayed to your screen.

MTN mPulse is definitely the best for your child and yourself. For more FAQs or you were able to get your questions from this post, kindly drop your comments.


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