Last year December, 2017, MTN made an attempt to increase the SME data rate from

N 5,500 to N 6,500 for 10GB,

N 11,000 to N 13,000 for 20GB and

N 25,000 to N 28,000 for 50GB, but was withheld at the given date.

Reason behind this was that the rate at which MTN SME DATA was dominating over the subscribers of MTN DATA was getting competitive. Though, both were from the same network provider but we all know MTN SME DATA is (small-to-medium enterprise) and is a convenient term for segmenting businesses and other organizations that are somewhere between the “small office-home office” size and the larger enterprise.

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can be an independent company with no more than 500 employees such as banks, ICT companies, PHOTOSHOT studios, Supermarkets and vehicle tracking providers etc

Such companies can allocate mobile data bundles to their staff, ATMs, PoS terminals, vehicles etc in accordance to their usage requirements but we found out that most retailers that supposed to handle this for the organization now sells to individuals users which leads to the widely spread of the SME DATA.

Increasing the MTN SME DATA last year was canceled but the rate of users keeps growing.
It will be unreasonable if SME DATA is stopped against its agenda, however a little price inflation can stabilize the system.

New price for MTN SME DATA is now from

N 5,500 to N 7,500 for 10GB,

N 11,000 to N 14,000 for 20GB and

N 25,000 to N 30,000 for 50GB.

If there is going to be any changes in price of sme data a normal notification will be sent across to mtn biz plus plan. Thank you.


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  1. Michael Okey says:
    Nice one.
    I’ve been trying to find reasons for the increase because i was a beneficiary of the sme data. I sold over 450GB of data within 2months and had great plans to improve the output until i received the disappointing sms from MTN notifying me of the increase. This has brought me back to the idle state i was before because selling at N800 for 1gb reduced my patronage by 90% and is highly discouraging.

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