For several years MTNSMEDATA.COM has worked hard to bring you and your family very reasonable prices on MTN DATA. We realize that in today’s world it is sometimes hard to make ends meet. We do everything we can to bring you great values and stretch your hard-earned money.


Please accept this letter as notification of a slight rate adjustment, effective Tuesday, August 21, 2018. The adjustment is a result of message from MTNN


“Dear Customer, from August 21, 2018, the following prices will apply to MTN SME Data Share:

10GB at N7,500;

20GB at N14,000;

50GB at N30,000.

Thank you.”


We will continue to make this effort but we need to increase our DATA prices




Bank payment 

1gb – N750                        

2gb – N1,200               

3gb – N1,850                

4gb – N2,300                

5gb – N2,800                


Airtime Payment

1gb – 800

2gb – 1,300

3gb – 2,000

4gb – 2,500

5gb – 2,900



We hope you feel this is still a great value and we anticipate no additional rate adjustments for the next full year.


Should you have any questions regarding our services, please contact our office at Customer service or your MTN SME DATA sales representative will be happy to help you. Thank you for understanding that this price increase means that we can continue to maintain the superior standard of our products and services for the coming year.



Thank you for choosing MTN SME DATA

We appreciate you for your patronage.


MTN SME DATA              


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19 Responses

  1. Pope says:
    Please help give an analysis of 60gb ,500 with 35shares
  2. Parago says:
    But I saw 10share limit
  3. Henry says:
    Please what’s current price of 1gig,N650 or N750?
    What’s if I want to buy with my MTN Biz sim,how much is 10gig? Thanks
    • admin says:

      purchasing with your sim is #7,500 for 10gb
      Calculating it shows a GB will be #750
      • Henry says:
        But what’s your own price, I saw N650 as your current price on comments/reply.
        Are you selling N650 or N750?
        • admin says:
          As at the comment/reply date, we were selling at #650. However here is our current price

          *Bank payment* *Airtime Payment*
          1gb – N750 1gb – 800
          2gb – N1,200 2gb – 1,300
          3gb – N1,850 3gb – 1,950
          4gb – N2,300 4gb – 2,500
          5gb – N2,800 5gb – 2,900

          *Thank you*
          Note: this price will remain for a while.

  4. admin says:

    See our price

    Bank payment

    1gb – N650

    2gb – N1,300

    3gb – N1,950

    4gb – N2,550

    5gb – N3,100

    Airtime Payment

    1gb – 700

    2gb – 1,400

    3gb – 2,100

    4gb – 2,700

    5gb – 3,100


    We hope you feel this is still a great value and we anticipate no additional rate adjustments for the next full year.

  5. Isa Asabaru says:
    all my customers quite to Glo data simply because the price is too high for them,
    pls mtn you should bring this price down for the benefit of all citizens.
  6. Oladayo says:
    Can I buy 50gb plan and after exhausting d share limit top it up with 10gb plan in order to be able to sell all?
  7. Ibrahim says:
    Hello, is 50GB limited to 10 shares too?
  8. Oyeniyi Uthman says:
    How many users can someone share 30gb data with?
    • admin says:
      There is no 30GB option for purchasing in bulk. we only have for 10GB, 20GB,and 50GB.
      However, if you meant to say 20GB, that’s 10 SHARES.

      Please give a reply if this satisfy your request. thanks

  9. famous says:
    the new price already affecting my market,my customers said they cant buy it that price is too cost,it will have make sense if normal mtn subscription price is also increased
    • admin says:
      Last year December, 2017, MTN made an attempt of increasing the SME data rate from N 5,500 to N 6,500 for 10GB, N 11,000 to N 13,000 for 20GB and N 25,000 to N 28,000 for 50GB, but was withheld at the given date.

      Reason behind this was that the rate at which MTN SME DATA was dominating over the subscribers of MTN DATA was getting competitive. Though, both were from the same network provider but we all know MTN SME DATA is (small-to-medium enterprise) and is a convenient term for segmenting businesses and other organizations that are somewhere between the “small office-home office” size and the larger enterprise .

      SME can be an independent company with no more than 500 employees such as banks, ICT companies, PHOTOSHOT studios, Supermarkets and vehicle tracking providers etc

      Such companies can allocate mobile data bundles to their staff, ATMs, PoS terminals, vehicles etc in accordance to their usage requirements but we found out that most retailers that supposed to handle this for the organization now sells to individuals users which leads to the widely spread of the SME DATA.

      Increasing the MTN SME DATA last year was canceled but the rate of users keeps growing.
      It will be unreasonable if SME DATA is stopped against its agenda, however a little price inflation can stabilize the system.

      New price for MTN SME DATA is now from N 5,500 to N 7,500 for 10GB, N 11,000 to N 14,000 for 20GB and N 25,000 to N 30,000 for 50GB.

  1. August 17, 2018

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