How to turn your MTN SME DATA share validity to 90 days

Majority don’t know about this simple trick in turning your 30days MTN SME data validity to 90days and even more.

The trick is simple and I will show you how to go about it.

Firstly, you have to purchase 10Gb SME SHARE from MTN using this code


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Make sure your airtime balance on your share sim is sufficient for the amount to be charge.

Endeavor to sell all the 10gb that same day and recharge another 10gb and do the same till you recharge another 10gb for that same day. Making a total of 30gb purchased in multiples of 10gb.

Since the sme share can accumulate data there also, the validity and doing the above process will turn your 30days to 90days…. after this you can solely purchase your regular 10gb data per day and this keeps accumulating and resetting back to 90days validity.

If the beneficiary receives multiple data from the same sponsor, will it accumulate?

Yes. the data will accumulate and assume the expiry date of the latest data bundle. However, unused data shall be forfeited once the bundle expires.

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When will the data of the beneficiary expire?

When a Data Share Sponsor successfully shares a portion of his data bundle to a Data Share Beneficiary, the data shall expire on the same date as the originating data bundle. For example if the Sponsor’s originating bundle is a 30-day plan expiring 1st APRIL 2017, then the  Data Share  created for the Beneficiary will also expire on 1st APRIL 2017.

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30 Responses

  1. Emma says:
    Thanks for sharing this information. I think I am cleared now
  2. Hammed says:
    please Admin,what do you think about increase in mtn sme data price,because am getting negative reaction from my customer
  3. Olusola k says:
    How can share 50gb without reaching the limited times for sharing please help me out. Or help me to convert the remaining gbs to airtime.
  4. Fan Paul says:
    Admin you are very wrong accumulation doesn’t necessitate doing what you wrote just buy 10gb sell for any amount of days like 5 days, do another on day 6, your validity will extend to 55days,that’s 60 minus 5 repeat the same procedure till you get to the limit mine is 100 days already. For more info call 08165250007
  5. Dominion says:
    Pls admin is there any trick to increase the number of SME data share to more than 10
  6. Jerry says:
    Good day admin, my question is… What if I buy 10gb twice from mtn on same day without finish selling the 1st 10gb….. Would d expiry date accumulate (60days)?
  7. Christiana Olawumi Oyelade says:
    Please does it means that if I purchase 10gb once and not thrice and I sell it in 2gb(5 Tims) ,the beneficiary validity period will b 30 days..?
    So it means I have to buy 10gb(3tims) per day before I can actualize a 90days validity period to my customer,am I right?
    • admin says:
      : yes, you are right. However, new development has been made in such a way that you can purchase your 10GB, sell all within the space of any days and purchase another 10GB and the numbers of days left from the first will be accumulated with another 30days.
  8. Christiana Olawumi Oyelade says:
    Does it means that if I buy data of 10gb once and not 3times as you earlier explained,and I sell 2gb 5 times to a beneficiaries,the expiry date will be 30days and not 90days..?..please expantiate more..awaiting your response thanks.
  9. afolabi omotayo says:
    please, my phone got lost and now i have forgotten the procedures for sharing the data, can you help me?
    Then i need to get my password again
    • admin says:

      You can share data with any beneficiary by sending SMS format below to 131 as shown in the list below (or dial *461# and follow the prompt):

      SMS Format to send to 131 to share data

      SMEA 250 to 131

      SMS to transfer 250MB

      SMEB 500 to 131

      SMS to transfer 500MB

      SMEC 1000 to 131

      SMS to transfer 1GB

      SMED 2000 to 131

      SMS to transfer 2GB

      SMEE 5000 to 131

      SMS to transfer 5GB

      NOTE: You can only share data in multiples of250MB, 500MB, 1GB, 2GB or 5GB. Sharing data in multiples of any other data sizes is not allowed.

      For example to share 250MB of data with beneficiary using phone number 07065463512 and MTN PIN ‘3456’, then the following is sent as SMS to 131 (or Dial *461# and follow the prompt);

      SMEA 07065463512 250 3456 = Correct Format!

      SMEA 07065463512 200 3456 = Wrong Format

      SMEB 07065463512 200 3456 = Wrong Format

      SMESHARE 07065463512 200 3456 = Wrong Format

      You can visit for more details

    • admin says:

      How to generate a PIN for MTN SME data share
      Send an sms in this format to 131

      SMPIN_OLD PIN_NEW PIN to 131

      E.g if the desired pin is 3456 then send the message in this format
      1111 3456 to 131

      Therefore, if you have misplaced your phone with sim…. you can get a new sim and start using. Else if pin forgotten, follow the steps above.

  10. Chuks Godwin says:
    Please what if I am on MTN pulse and I have mobile data and I want to migrate to MTN SME, will the mobile data be removed from my line?
  11. osile says:
    Thanks for the information shared here. Pls my question is this: if I buy 10gig and finish sharing withing 3 – 4 days, and buy another one. I learnt it will renew and the expiry date will be 30 days from the latest subscription. Does this new date affect those I shared data with from the old data?
    • admin says:
      The current date you have while sharing is what’s going to reflect in those you shared with.
      Therefore, if you shared the one showing 30days time to people,that’s the day it will show at their end. Then if you recharge more and now have 60days time to expire…the current people you’ll share it with will show 60days at their own as well.

      Think we’ve answered your question well..
      kindly drop your feedback.
      We choose to serve you well.

  12. Gbenga says:
    What’s d major advantages for buying directly frm MTN instead other dealers ?and vice versa
  13. OLUWATOSIN says:
    Good sir thanks a lot if there is still question bordering me I will ask
  14. OLUWATOSIN says:
    Sir, what if I do not exceed the 10 limit time before I finished reselling my data eg 2gb 5 time and am left with 5 limit more then I do another sub would I receive another 10 limit for that new sub.?
    • admin says:

      Thank you for your message!
      If you use 2 shares for the 10Gb fine. Once you purchase another 10gb it reset back to 10 shares. Therefore, if you purchase 10gb and you share just 4 times having 6gb left or gig left and purchase another additional 10gb… thr remaining number of shares will be reset back to 10shares for all the gig you have.
  15. OLUWATOSIN says:
    Hi, what if it takes someone to finish reselling the data 5 days after subscribed and resubscribe 6 days. Does it extend the validation?. Also what if I ask someone with 90days validation to share me data before I subscribe on my own does that can increase the validation of my beneficiary sir? Thanks in anticipation.
    • admin says:
      the answer to the two questions is NO

      what if it takes someone to finish reselling the data 5 days after subscribed and resubscribe 6 days. Does it extend the validation?.

      REPLY: No, you have to sell all within 24 hrs to hav a 90day validation.

      what if I ask someone with 90days validation to share me data before I subscribe on my own does that can increase the validation of my beneficiary sir?
      REPLY :No, receiving data from one with 90days validation has nothing to do with yours.

      Thanks for your time reviewing our post. Please, feel free yo drop your thought about our responds to your question. Anticipating to hear from you soon. Thankz

  16. Collins says:
    Good day, pls what if one’s not able to sell all the data purchased b4 purchasing another one?

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