How to turn your MTN SME DATA share validity to 90 days

Majority don’t know about this simple trick in turning your 30days MTN SME data validity to 90days and even more.

The trick is simple and I will show you how to go about it.

Firstly, you have to purchase 10Gb SME SHARE from MTN using this code


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Make sure your airtime balance on your share sim is sufficient for the amount to be charge.

Endeavor to sell all the 10gb that same day and recharge another 10gb and do the same till you recharge another 10gb for that same day. Making a total of 30gb purchased in multiples of 10gb.

Since the sme share can accumulate data there also, the validity and doing the above process will turn your 30days to 90days…. after this you can solely purchase your regular 10gb data per day and this keeps accumulating and resetting back to 90days validity.

If the beneficiary receives multiple data from the same sponsor, will it accumulate?

Yes. the data will accumulate and assume the expiry date of the latest data bundle. However, unused data shall be forfeited once the bundle expires.

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When will the data of the beneficiary expire?

When a Data Share Sponsor successfully shares a portion of his data bundle to a Data Share Beneficiary, the data shall expire on the same date as the originating data bundle. For example if the Sponsor’s originating bundle is a 30-day plan expiring 1st APRIL 2017, then the  Data Share  created for the Beneficiary will also expire on 1st APRIL 2017.

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    Good day, pls what if one’s not able to sell all the data purchased b4 purchasing another one?

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