Analysis that helps to choose the Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans

Here is our analysis recommended for you in choosing the best and cheapest mtn tariff plans by combining the advantages and disadvantages and also with the calculation of each of the MTN tariff plans.

Depending on your calling or data usage, one is better than the other but all MTN tariff plans come with goodies (their benefits) and baddies.

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However, here is the list:-

MTN Pulse:

For heavy data user and also make calls regularly.

(₦500 for 1GB data and 14 minutes 28 seconds voice call for just ₦100)
These are excellent offers you can’t get on other tariffs.

MTN BetaTalk:
With 40k/s call rate kills both the bonus and your main credit. BetaTalk is a good tariff to consider if you only call people within Nigeria.

MTN TruTalk:
If 95% of the people you call are on MTN then this is best suit for you.



MTN XtraPro/MTN pulse:

The two tarriff are almost offering the same services but with the cheap data offers on MTN Pulse, MTN Pulse is better.

MTN XtraSpecial:

For both local and international calls users, this plan is perfect for you.

Based on your calling behaviour., your sms and data usage, it’s left for you to decide to choose yourself.

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What MTN tariff plan are you currently using and what makes you stick to it? Speak to us using the comment box, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.


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