How to stop MTN auto renewal subscription

MTN as a great mobile carrier, offers multiple tariffs and bundles to their customers, as their varieties will satisfy even the pickiest clients.

However, MTN is guilty of having the auto renewal feature for their various subscriptions just like many other mobile service provider.

The article below will show you HOW to stop auto renewal on MTN on all of the MTN subscription services.

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MTN services with auto renewal

MTN services like MTN Nametunez, you have to renew your subscription yourself.

After subscribing to the offer and did not enjoy its services, kindly ignore it as you would not be automatically charged for the upcoming months.

However, features like International calling bundles and Data bundles have the auto-renewal setting turned on by default.


On one hand, it is convenient, as you do not have to resubscribe each time your subscription runs out but on the other hand, if you want to change or cancel your subscription, but take too long to do it, you will still be charged for the next period that’s if you have the required amount of money on your balance.

How to stop MTN bundle auto renewal?

As we have mentioned before, there are currently two services (that we know of) that use the auto-renewal feature. They are International calling bundles and Data bundles. For each kind of MTN bundle, there are specific codes you need to know to unsubscribe.

Text NO to 21600.

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MTN International calling bundles

International calling bundles are perfect for those who have friends or relatives abroad and would like to regularly talk to them on phone.

MTN International bundles offer calls with a discount to any of 28 countries. But you probably knew that already if you wanted to unsubscribe, right?

In order to unsubscribe, you need to remember what bundle you have subscribed for in the first place. There are currently three bundles on offer:

★ IDB300, which costs ₦300 and gives you 20 minutes for international calls;

★ IDB500, which costs ₦500 and gives you 40 minutes;

★ IDB1500, which costs ₦1500 and gives you 150 minutes.

If you want to cancel auto-renewal on your International bundle, send a text to the short number 131, which says NoIDB300 or NoIDB500 or NoIDB1500 depending on the one you subscribed to.

How to stop MTN Data bundles?

MTN has great data bundles, ranging from daily to quarterly and monthly plans. If you are wondering how to stop MTN data auto renewal, it is just as simple as with the International bundles. All you have to do is to remember (or check) what bundle you currently have. Below, you can find a helpful list of all the MTN Data bundles that currently exist.

★ Daily plans:
50MB for ₦100
(code 104);
150MB for ₦200
(code 113).

★ Weekly plans:
150MB for ₦300
(code 102);
500MB (+250 bonus MB for night browsing)


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